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    Analyzing Assets

      Hi everyone,
      How do I analyze/make a report to show how many leads are associate with an asset? I need to show for each individual asset how many times it has been downloaded from our website. 

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          Josh Hill
          You will generally be unable to do this.

          You can try to get a count of people who clicked a website link at least X times, but it won't provide a count like

          Asset Name | Downloaded Count

          You should use GA for that.
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            Kristen Malkovich
            If the asset is a URL they are accessing, you could pull a webpage report of the number of times someone has accessed that page. If it's gated, you can pull a report on how many times someone filled out that form (provided that the form is unqiue to the asset, otherwise use a filter to specify so). 

            If the asset is part of a program in Marketo and you are changing program statuses, you can pull a program success report and see how many people achieved success for that asset.
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              Thanks for the replies!
              Kristen, so is there a way I can make one report for multiple assets? Or do I have to make separate reports for each webinar, white paper, form, etc? 

              Thanks again!