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SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

Question asked by Jenn DiMaria Champion on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by c082eabf256b5818f7df3c4061ab8dffc3780ac3
How are you all naming and organizing your campaigns in SFDC?

We share our SFDC instance with our team over in the UK, so both our sales and marketing teams are using the same interface.

Currently, I've been naming my SFDC campaigns the same thing as my Marketo campaigns (ex: TS - 20141104 - Tradeshowname). Until now, this has been fine since I'm the only one really using the campaigns; however, we are getting to a point where the sales teams will be interacting with the campaigns to change a member's status, etc, and they need to be easier to find. The way I have them labeled now may make sense to me, but not to the end user.

How are you naming your campaigns and filtering them for easy access?