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    Different Company Name in Marketo and SFDC

      A good portion of the account names in Salesforce are improperly listed/spelled (duplicate accounts, some with Inc/some without, duplictate locations, etc.). Many of these accounts are also improperly labeled in Marketo.

      I want to fix this data in Marketo and standaardize on correct spelling. We'll eventually move that to SFDC, but I am focusing on Marketo first.

      The question I have: If I change the company name of a contact in Marketo, and that Marketo contact is synced with a Salesforce contact, will that contact's company name change in Salesforce too? I ask because I don't want new accounts to be created/or contacts to move to other existing accounts with different spelling in Salesforce when I fix the account name in Marketo. I don't want the company names to be altered at all in Salesforce just yet. I suspect that they won't but I'd like to verify.
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          Kristen Malkovich
          Are you planning on doing this manually in Marketo or are you using a 3rd party to assist? How many accounts are impacted? If it's only a handful, manually is good. If you're going to manipulating a lot of data, I'd use some 3rd party experts to assist or this is going to take you forever and a half.

          You can block updates to the company field in the admin section if you don't want the changes that you make to be relected in SFDC, then "unblock" it when you want it to sync.

          With projects like this, I generally clean in SFDC first, allow the data to sync to Marketo then pull lists of what is left in marketo and create data value changing campaigns/engagment programs to glean the new data. CRM fusion is a great product for cleaning up SFDC.
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            Adam Vavrek
            Hi Stephen,

            I agree with Kristen - CRM Fusion is particularly helpful for data cleanup. I use their Power Grid tool frequently and I think this tool could help you a lot. They also help merge duplicate records in bulk.

            There are many tools to help with the pain point your describe. Check out Reachforce and NetProspex (they'll have a feature coming out in a month or two that will create consistency among company names). There's also a free app in the SFDC Marketplace called "Mass Update Wizard" that you should get.

            You can also set up triggers based on the company name field and/or email address field. For example: if email address contains @nike.com or company name starts with Nike or equals Nike or Nike Inc -> edit company name to be Nike, Inc.