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    reporting on a roadshow

      Hi. I am curious as to if there is a way to set up a report to see everyone who registers for a roadshow and have a subscription set up to send the report daily. I have attempted to do this but cannot figure out a way to see the information for each individual who has registered...is this possible? I do not want to have to send the report out everyday...since the only plaplace I can see the level of detail for each lead is in the program members tab.
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          Josh Hill
          Reports cannot display individual users. You can create a smart list and download it each day.

          This may change in the future, so vote up the idea to subscribe to smart lists.
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            Tim Langlois
            The short answer is yes you can make this report (really a smart list), no you can't set up a subscription to the smart list (as of this writing). You can (and should) track this using program membership status. Program membership status is a core feature of Marketo and very handy to use. 

            If you're not sure how to do this here's some detailed info.

            1. Use the Event program with Roadshow channel type. When you create your roadshow program in Marketo, be sure to use the Program Type : Event and choose Channel :Roadshow. This program will then have several member status steps in it: Invited, Registered, Attended, No Show. (You can see these steps in the summary view of the program as well as in Admin > Tags > Channels > Roadshow).

            2. Create a smart campaign in the program to track registrants. You need to tell Marketo to track registrants. So create a smart campaign that uses the Fills Out Form filter in the Smart List step using your roadshow form. Then in the Flow step, use the Change Program Status filter to give someone a status of Registered:
            • SmartList tab: Form Name: is any | Web Page : name of your landing page.
            • Flow tab: Change Program Status: Program:[name of your roadshow program] | New Status : Roadshow > Registered. 
            3. Use the View Campaign Members link or create a smart list to get a tally of the registrants. You can use the Members tab of the program and filter by status and choose Registered. 

            Or you can create a smart list under your program as a local asset or in your Lead Database to track those people who have a Roadshow > Registered status. In the Smart List choose the filter called Member of Program > select your roadshow program name > add the Program Status constraint and choose Roadshow > Registered. In the leads tab you'll see the list of registrants and it will populate as registrations occur. 

            4. Export and send list of registrants. As of this writing Marketo does not support setting up a subscription to a smart list, so you'll need to export and send the list yourself. 

            This feature is currently the most requested feature request in Community, so go and vote on it and let your voice be heard :) 

            More here on Events, event channels, and event channel status:

            Understanding Program Membership

            Change Program Status How To
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              Josh and Tim,
              Thank you for your responses! I was afraid that was the case so I had already built out the smart campaigns. I will definitely be upvoting this!