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Setting Extra Criteria for Smart Campaign

Question asked by 826341c70560beacd6db6cd9e4bcb38bbf1d36a7 on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by 4e3ce9885a635e07b4c5fdc8a3c76e564b87a9ec

Hi all,

For one of our scoring criteria, we want to give people points if they visit a video page. This is easy enough to do (Web Page contains "site/video/pages/").  However, points are also given to people who visit the main video landing page on our site ("site/video/pages/default.aspx"), which we don't want to happen.

Smart List is simple: Visits Web Page - Web page contains "site/video/pages/"

In order to keep that primary video list page from being counted, I first tried the following in the flow:

IF Web Page Visited contains site/video/pages/default.aspx, do nothing.
ELSE add score, create task, etc.

But that didn't work.

Then I tried:

IF Web Page Visited does not contain site/video/pages/default.aspx, add score, create task, etc.
ELSE do nothing.

And that isn't working either.

Where am I going wrong?  Thanks in advance!