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    Setting Extra Criteria for Smart Campaign

      Hi all,

      For one of our scoring criteria, we want to give people points if they visit a video page. This is easy enough to do (Web Page contains "site/video/pages/").  However, points are also given to people who visit the main video landing page on our site ("site/video/pages/default.aspx"), which we don't want to happen.

      Smart List is simple: Visits Web Page - Web page contains "site/video/pages/"

      In order to keep that primary video list page from being counted, I first tried the following in the flow:

      IF Web Page Visited contains site/video/pages/default.aspx, do nothing.
      ELSE add score, create task, etc.

      But that didn't work.

      Then I tried:

      IF Web Page Visited does not contain site/video/pages/default.aspx, add score, create task, etc.
      ELSE do nothing.

      And that isn't working either.

      Where am I going wrong?  Thanks in advance!