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    RCA field not in Sync with Salesforce

    Ari Echt
      We are using RCA with a SFDC custom field "Lead Lifecycle Stage" that drives the Marketo Revenue Stage field. 

      The values of the Lead Lifecycle Stage and the Revenue stage are staying in sync on the Marketo side, but there are discrepancies between the Lead Lifecycle Stage field value in Marketo vs. same field in Salesforce. 

      Field is on both Lead and Contact in SFDC. 

      There have been numerous Sync to SFDC cycles run, but the values still don't match. 

      Occasionally I'll find some where it was a merged record or a dupe that explain the break, but there are many where I can't explain why they'd be different. 

      Anyone have any ideas on why they wouldn't be in Sync? T