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Why can still access unapproved landing pages?

Question asked by 69ab9b7b54e466e6d8a11ca62be1737e1489439d on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Josh Hill
According to documentation, "unapproved" landing pages are supposedly no longer live. "Your unapproved landing page is no longer published on the web and will generate no additional activity."

However, I've noticed that I can still access unapproved landing pages via the URL. This doesn't seem right.

I am looking for the definitive way of taking lanidng pages offline when needed.

Thank you.


    • 22643
      Are you sure it's unapproved and not "approved with draft"? The only other thing to check would be to make sure you have a fallback page set in your Admin > Integration > Landing Pages setting. Anytime you visit a URL for a landing page that is unapproved, you should be redirected to your fallback URL.
      • Josh Hill
        Are you sure it is totally unapproved and not just Approved w/ draft?

        Did you find it via URL or through google?

        Did you clear your cache or try a diff browser?