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    View as a webpage link

    Brooke Lamb
      We would like to send our sales team links to the upcoming emails that will be sent out. Is there anyway to get the "view as a webpage" link without actually using the "View as a Webpage" link in the email? Does that make sense?

      Currently, after I create an email, I draft a version with using the "view as a webpage" send a sample to myself, and then remove it from the email. Is there an easier way to do this? I simply want to send my sales team a link to view the emails rather than attaching it or sending a screenshot over. 

      Any insights would be helpful! Thanks!
        • Re: View as a webpage link
          Kristen Malkovich
          If I understand your situation correctly, you don't use "View as a webpage" when you send emails generally? Is there a reason why you are not using it for all emails?

          If you're not using it, then it seems as though the way you're doing this currently is the fastest. Your other option would be to use the "View As a Webpage" consistently, add yourself to the mailing list, then take the URL as it's populated for you and resend it.