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    Can Marketo Replicate the SFDC Auto Number Custom Field?

      I ask because I'm trying to set up round robin lead assignment in Marketo.
      I don't want random sampling. I have the equivalent to SFDC lead assignment rules already set up in Marketo.
      I believe I can easily replicate a Marketo formula field using the MOD Operator. I'm just unsure about creating an auto number in Marketo. Don't want to do it in SFDC because it has to go through another team and approval process to implement. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!

      All the best,
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          Josh Hill
          You can use Round Robin Number in the SFDC Sync flow step

          If Round Robin = 1, then Assign To = 
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            Hello Josh,
            Thanks for your feedback sir. Unfortunately, I don’t quite follow, but I do have a separate question.
            Can MKTO Custom Formula Fields Not Support Math Functions?
            I ask because I want this Custom Auto Number Field to increment +1 whenever a created lead meets a certain criteria. That currently works.
            Then, I want this Auto Number to be part of a math formula calculation for the Custom Round Robin ID Field.
            Round Robin ID Formula:
            Value: is ‘MOD(VALUE(Auto_Number__c),7)’
            The Round Robin ID field is supposed to take the Auto Number, divide it by 7 because I have 7 reps and then return the remaining number. Based upon this remaining number value, a lead will either be Round Robined to Rep #1 (Round Robin ID= 0), Rep #2 (Round Robin ID=1), Rep #3 (Round Robin ID=2), Rep #4 (Round Robin ID=3), Rep #5 (Round Robin ID=4), Rep #6 (Round Robin ID=5), Rep #7 (Round Robin ID=6).
            This math calculation currently isn't happening. I’d rather not go through SFDC or use MKTO random sampling. Any more feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
            All the best,