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    Multiple domains

      Hi. We are attempting to set up another domain on our 1 Marketo account. We do not have workspaces/partitions. I know that the munchkin code does NOT share cookies between the domains but I cannot seem to find any information on how the unsubscribe pages work - I assume I will just create another unsubscribe page for the second domain? What is the best way to keep the leads from domain 2 out of domain 1's smart lists? Would it be a hidden lead source field on the forms or the referring URL for anonymous leads? If you can share anything that would be affected by using 2 domains that I have missed, please share!
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          Josh Hill

          Unless you are running totally separate businesses, you should not need a separate unsubscribe page. You can use Domain Aliases to help manage that of course. There are articls on this.

          Marketo will merge leads across domains if the lead fills out a form on BOTH sites.

          If you need to keep the leads totally separate, then I'd make a Segmentation based on the domain visited or use a hidden field on all forms to do this.

          Anonymous leads won't matter here because they'd be separate and hidden, unless you are using RTP.

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