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Microsoft Dynamics Custom Field Integration

Question asked by Heather Vaughn on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2014 by Heather Vaughn
We are working on a MS Dynamics Integration with Marketo. Marketo has been around for a few years independent of our previous (dinosaur) CRM so now that we have a "decent" CRM, we're trying to integrate.

We got a Sandbox of Marketo and IT hooked it up to our CRM Dev environment. They "pressed go" and now I'm checking the integration. 

For custom fields, should I have created those in Marketo FIRST? Some existed in CRM already and are now in the "Microsoft Custom Field" entity of Marketo. Whereas others I've created after are now in the "Lead Info" entity. This is a real mess when looking at an individual lead record, because I want some of these to be grouped together. For example, I have a "Certification" checkbox field and I want "Certification Date" below that. But now the fields are in two different tabs of the record.

Am I stuck with this the way it is? Should I have created any custom fields in Marketo first? And, if/when I do that, will they always be in "Lead Info" (I can't move them to another entity?). I want to make sure I get this right before they "press go" on the Production side and it's really messed up.