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Extra white space in front when you focus to enter values for custom My Tokens.

Question asked by 260aa12645bddde630023d837f2161b7bc1559c8 on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by Vlada Prasolova
I am not sure if anyone is facing this issue. But, this is driving me crazy. I have lots of custom tokens (My Tokens) for my events. I use those values to compose messages as well as to create urls for my logo files or urls to different websites.
The probem is all the values for my tokens has extra white space in the front.
After some testing, looks like there is a glitch with the marketo application. Whenever I click to add values for my tokens, it already has one extra white space.
I cannot always remember to delete that space before entering my value.
If anyone has this issue and has a workaround for this. Please share here.