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Landing page What's possible with a custom landing page?

Question asked by 87605 on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Alok Ramsisaria
Hi Marketo Community,

I'm working on a first Marketo Landing Page Template, and I'm having a hard time with two things:

1. PHP statements
In other templates (e.g. imported from I've seen PHP statements like: <?php echo $mContext['headElements']; ?> or <?php echo $mContext['bodyAttributes'] ?> etc. 
However, when I put them in my template it doesn't go through the validation process: When I click 'repair' it removes php statements, but I'm not sure if that's desired outcome.

What is the best practice here?
2. Editable content
So far I know to make content editable developers should use "mktEditable" class for a given html tag. However, it only allows to change look and style of that element. How do I make content (text) or link inside a given element editable? (e.g.

Is it possible or drag and drop is the only option to change content of a page?

Any help greatly appreciated,