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Email + UTM tags + Omniture Tags. How to save time by enhancing the email template?

Question asked by 0125bd3c939f1285d9d97ed26ae45cd33a8f07ef on Apr 28, 2015
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Hi, any smart idea welcome :)

  • We have a number of nurture emails as part of a campaign, all based on the same email template
  • We track the performance of those emails by the number of forms fills as a result.
  • We track this both by passing UTM tags (in each hyperlink of the email) from the email to the form.
  • We also have Omniture site catalyst tag (cmpid) in place to track form fill from the email campaign

Now, in an ideal world, I would have directly in the email template some css code, that would specify the tags for each hyperlink in the email, rather than doing it each hyperlink at the time, something like:

hyperlink?utm_campaign={{my.Campaign-Name}}(1)&utm_content=Name(Or subject) of the email(2)&cmpid={{my.Campaign-Name}}&"subject-of-the-email(3)

(1) utm_campaign={{my.Campaign-Name}} ==> Token

(2) utm_content=Name(Or subject) of the email sent

(3) Cmpid (omniture site catalyst) ==> (1) and (2)

I am not sure I am approaching the challenge from the right angle, but I am trying to find a way to capture the name(Marketo name) or subject of the email as a tag after each URL of the email, automatically in the email template.

Has anyone been looking into this?

Thanks you for any contribution



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