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Importing Mailchimp Email Templates

Question asked by d0a0d2a2a8f160d9d7af346150928a0e53cc9d81 on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by d0a0d2a2a8f160d9d7af346150928a0e53cc9d81

I am having trouble importing a Mailchimp template into Marketo. 

Unfortunately I am only able to export my Mailchimp templates as HTML, and when I try to upload this in Marketo and view it, it prompts me to login into Mailchimp, then an error appears. 

My company is switching from Mailchimp to Marketo, and we would like to keep the templates that are already built in Mailchimp and just import them to Marketo. 

If anyone has done this before or has any insight that would be helpful as there seems to be a lack of email template discussions.