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Tracking Capabilities for MQL Alerts sent to sales rep

Question asked by 928c723f91c7b0f07710c7fc358dda95ac0d964d on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by Justin Norris
I've been sending alerts to my reps when MQLs are generated from my marketo campaigns. MQLs are then synced and assigned in SFDC. Most of my reps do not use SFDC to manage their leads/Prospect. Is anyone aware of any Marketo plug-in's that will allow me to create internal sales follow-up campaigns? I'm looking for something that will help me track and follow-up with reps after Marketo sends the MQL alert to reps. Unless I follow-up with the rep, I never know what happens to the lead. It's becoming unmanagable due to all the MQLs Marketo has been generating for us.