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    Tracking Capabilities for MQL Alerts sent to sales rep

      I've been sending alerts to my reps when MQLs are generated from my marketo campaigns. MQLs are then synced and assigned in SFDC. Most of my reps do not use SFDC to manage their leads/Prospect. Is anyone aware of any Marketo plug-in's that will allow me to create internal sales follow-up campaigns? I'm looking for something that will help me track and follow-up with reps after Marketo sends the MQL alert to reps. Unless I follow-up with the rep, I never know what happens to the lead. It's becoming unmanagable due to all the MQLs Marketo has been generating for us.
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          We had a similar situation with sending an alert email to our team, and they will follow up and update later. We are now training our sales reps to work the leads from SFDC. Below is a brief description of the flow

          1) The team will receive an email notification from SalesForce
          2) In the body of the email it gives them a brief description of the lead info
          3) At the bottom of the email, there is a link directing them to the lead detail screen in SalesForce
          4) In SalesForce they are able to change the lead status and continue moving them through the sales funnel

          My recommendation would be to have the sales staff trained on how to properly use SFDC. Train them until they are comfortable with using the tool, and tell them they will no longer receive the alert emails from Marketo. If you have your Marketo and SFDC production instances synced, you can set up a rule assignment to route the leads to the sales people. If they don't work the lead in (x) number of days, then the leads will be routed to someone who will. This way you'll get more accurate reporting and can identify where the pain points are in the sales funnel or where the bottle neck is at.
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            Justin Norris
            I agraee with Kanai. If you have SFDC and reps aren't using it and there is no business reason not to, then you mainly have an SFDC adoption issue that you need to overcome. Having all your reps live in the CRM is a pre-requisite for a sane lead management process. 

            There is work ahead of you from the sounds of it, but the end result is worth it. You can work with sales ops to automate much of the salespeople's work day, so that most reps don't ever need to think about what to do next, only how to do it best. This is the happy place for them and you. The same can be done for customer service, customer success, any team using the system. 

            I have found tasks are very important to this process. Train your team to live in their tasks, create them tasks for every action you want to take, track task completion rates and times. This is very reportable and less ephemeral than an alert (although alerts can be used in conjunction with tasks). 

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