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Landing Page URLs Inconsistent

Question asked by e342133bde79b8a102afee091d678f0212f5b392 on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by Sanford Whiteman
In my nurture campaign, I created used landing pages for Contact Us and Thank You pages using Web Forms so that I only have to do it once. I simply copied the link URL for the Contact Us page and pasted it into my emails. All works fine.  Problem is that I was not getting my customized Thank You page as the follow up. I went to the Form in design studio that I use in the Contact Us page and went to specify the Thank You Page follow up.  In the pull-down menu, I did not see the URL of my custom Thank You Page. 

The URL of the Custom Page is

In the drop down menu, the there were 2 choices.  I chose WF ContactUSForm-ThankYou.  It worked...

Why aren't the URLs the same. This could get confusing. If I chose the other option listed for the Thank You page, i get a generic page. When I chose this one, my page displayed... shouldn't they be the same?