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Process for replacing existing landing pages with new ones that use a new LP tempate

Question asked by Ari Echt on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by Andy Varshneya
We are in process of trying to roll out new responsive landing pages. This involves replacing existing pages with new pages that use a new LP template.

The existing landing pages that are being replaced are used in many many places (SEM, display, social, our own website, emails, etc.).

I'm trying to determine the most efficient/least error-prone process for migrating all of our traffic from existing pages to new pages that utlize a new LP template.
  • We could setup a redirect from the existing URL to a new URL.      
    • This would require going in and updating logic everywhere where existing URL was referenced in smart lists and flows. I'm not aware of a view or report in Marketo that would help identify everywhere the existing page is referenced in smart lists and flows.
    • I'm also not sure how this would affect reporting. Would each of those redirects from existing to new count as a visit to the existing page, and a visit to new page?
  • We could change URL on existing page to free up that existing URL to be claimed by new responsive version.      
    • All references to existing URL would be fine. But references to Marketo page names would stick with previous page name. So we’d still have to add NEW Marketo pages to all logic where existing URL is referenced.
If anyone has any processes/wisdom to share around this journey, I'd greatly appreciate it.