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How to capture leads not following defined path in RCM?

Question asked by Weisi Kang on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by Weisi Kang

We started noticing that some leads are not following ANY path on our model. For example, a sales rep will change a lead that was "Nurture" to "SQL" (not defined in our model or success path). For more context, we group our analysis based on MQL cohort - the month the lead became an MQL. For the above example, the lead became an MQL in X month and was put to nurture after a series of intermediate statuses. For whatever reason, the sales rep got a meeting with that lead and changed the status to SQL (meaning they got a meeting) - directly from nurture. 

The meeting that the sales rep got is not counted in the model reporting because that lead is stuck in "Nurture" (there is no path from Nurture to SQL).

How should we reconcile these leads that fall off the model?