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    Engagement Program Removal

    Emily Shirley
      Hi all,

      I'm trying to set up an engagement program where when someone hits MQL, they are removed from the flow. I'm struggling to figure out the best way to remove them. I don't want to change the program status to Nuture>Not in Program, because I want to show that they are in Nuture>Engaged. I also don't want to Change Engagement Program Cadence to Paused, because I also do a lot of one-off email blasts, and would like to use "Not in Program" as a Smart List step in those. Any ideas? I'm stumped.
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          Rachit Puri
          I had a similar challenge where I wanted to make sure that my leads stay in a single nurture program at a time. Unfortunately, I had to change the Nurture>Not in Program after a lead exhausted any of the nurtures. Let's see if someone can share a better approach in achieving this.
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            Dan Stevens
            We've created a custom field (boolean - true/false) called "Pause MQLs from EPs".  We then have two smart campaigns setup in our global/default workspace (we have 21 country workspaces) that affect any lead that reaches MQL status (you can change this to include any program status you desire):

            Pause leads in engagement programs when MQL status is achieved:


            Un-pause leads in engagement programs when lead is Recycled:


            Within each of our Engagement Programs, we have the following smart campaigns:

            Pause leads who achieve MQL status:


            Un-pause leads who are recycled:

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              Courtney Grimes
              This may sound a little silly, but have you considered setting up an additional blank stream as a holding area for your MQLs? This would ensure that they stay as part of the program (thus not having to move around your existing filters) and you can use constraints to filter/unfilter for your one-off blasts as needed.