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    WordPress Website / Marketo Integration Resource

      Globo, the global provider of enterprise mobility management and application development platforms and services, is seeking a competent front-end developer who will be tasked with integrating a series of custom forms for a WordPress site. The forms will utilize the Marketo SOAP API and use ajax submission to a php server. The candidate will also need to implement javascript validation on the front-end and PHP validation on the backend.

      Bonus points for experience with gulp and SASS, Marketo and PHP form handling, and Salesforce integration. Additionally, the candidate should be able to quickly jump into a project and learn the environment without too much coddling.

      If interested, please contact:

      Piotr Gajos
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          Hey Sandra,

          Post this on reddit.com/r/wordpress
          You should be able to quickly get someone to help you out.
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            Edward Unthank (ETU)
            Also, if you want to headhunt, check out previous Gigaom developers who are recently seeking work. They had an enterprise-integration between WordPress and Marketo.
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              Sanford Whiteman
              @Sandra, I'd roll this back even further and wonder if you had an experienced Marketo developer recommend this architecture.

              As an experienced Marketo Forms 2.0 developer I have to say that using the server-to-server SOAP API (which is itself deprecated in favor of REST) instead of the client-only Forms API is a very strong choice that should only be made by someone who understands all the options.

              Generally, there's no reason to choose any of the server-to-server APIs unless [a] you must persist saved data on your server as well as Marketo's (even then, there are client-side workarounds, assuming you're storing all the fields in both places) and/or [b] you must augment the Marketo fields with data that is only available on the local server. I don't see either of these requirements in your brief spec (not that they don't exist, but they aren't presented).

              Listing the full technical differences among the options is not appropriate for this forum, but I'll note for now that using the SOAP API limits you to 10,000 form posts per day.  That may sound like a lot, but a hacker can easily quench that 10,000-call limit in a couple of minutes.  And even if you optimistically assume all form posts are legit, that 10,000-call limit applies to all applications using the SOAP API, so any other integrations are sucking away at the limit as well.  In general I have been telling people that the SOAP and REST APIs, while powerful and indispensable, are suited for batch applications, not for the one-to-one form proxy pattern it sounds like you are describing.  

              I hope you are open to reevaluating your architecture because a Marketo developer worth his/her salt (i.e. the candidate you want!) would want to know how you got to this point, whether or not they come to the same conclusion. Good luck!
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                Hi, Edward:

                Thanks for the response.  Can you point me to the Gigaom developers?  I cannot seem to find them here on the Marketo job board.

                Many thanks,
                Sandra Syrett