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What is the correct Webhook setup for Demandbase IP Lookup

Question asked by a7dc4afa7e45f31d5b409d03a6a575400d22794e on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by a7dc4afa7e45f31d5b409d03a6a575400d22794e
I'm trying to utilize demandbase v2 API for IP Lookup. I'm primarily trying to the pull the 2 digit country code based on user's anonymous IP.

I know how to send the request via a web browser and get a successful reply but the field mapping in Webhook doesn't appear to be working properly as none of my country codes are being updated.

Here's the webhook URL (key removed):<our key here>&query={{lead.Anonymous IP}}

Request Type: GET
Response Type: JSON
Field Mapping: 
- Response Attribute: domain.registry_country_code
- Marketo Field: Country