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Extreme Dynamic Landing Page

Question asked by Katie DenHollander on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by Justin Norris
I'm trying to solve for a complicated situation and not sure of the best way to tackle it.
  • We are trying to make available pdfs for 5 different products (one for each product).
  • It is important that people only see or receive the pdf for the product they have purchased.
  • A person could have purchased any combination of the 5 different products (resulting in 120 different possible combinations)
  • We would like to have each person only receive 1 email from us, instead of up to 5 if they have purchased all 5 products.
  • We are synced with Salesforce.
We have considered sending one email with a link to a landing page that is dynamic and ideally, we would like to set up the landing page so if a person is in the SF campaign for product A, they will see the link for product A's pdf, etc. However, since a person could own any combination of the 5 products, it seems likE we would need to build out a dynamic page for each combination possible (120!).

I am looking for any suggestions on how we could do this without the end user having to receive a separate email for each product or having us create 120 of anything.