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    Cookie Affecting Lead Partitions

      Hi Everyone,

      I work for a company that has several different product line represented on one website. We were oringally only using Makreto for our main product line. Recently I beganthe process of adding new workspaces and partitions for additional product lines into our Marketo instance. In order to make sure new leads get into the correct partition I have settup a field called "Division". I have also created corresponding Lead Partition Rules based of the "Division" field. 

      Lead Partition Rules

      If Division = "A" then lead created in Partition A
      If Division = "B" Then lead created in Parittion B

      I have included a hidden "Division" field on all forms that corresponds to the correct partiton.The idea being that if a lead that already exsits in Partition A fills out a form for  Product B the hidden field will set Division = "B" and a new lead will be created in Partition B without any changes to the original lead in Parition A.

      Through testing I have found that the Marketo cookie on our website is causing this process not to work.Here is an example. 

      • I have a lead sitting in Lead Partiton A because they filled out a form for product A siometime in the past. 


      • That same lead comes back to our website and fills out a form related to product B. 


      • Instead of the a new duplicate lead being created in Parititon B, the old lead in Partition A is updated.
      I believe it is the cookie causing the issue because if I do the exact same process execpt fill out the 2nd form (Product B) on a different browser with no cookie, the process works flawlessly. A new lead is created in Partition B and no changes are made to the lead original in Partion A.

      It don't believe this would be an issue if each of our product lines had its own website with a unique cookie. But because we share a singele website across multiple product lines the cookie is affecting how leads enter partitions. 

      Has anyone seen a similar issue? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      Thanks everyone!