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Using same form on different web page with a hidden filter

Question asked by 08d5cddb0981964538b04a4d0192f24dd6d228fe on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by 08d5cddb0981964538b04a4d0192f24dd6d228fe
We are using the same form for 2 differen free trials but there is a hidden field that is auto populated for just the one of the free trial form.
When someone fills out a form on either free trial page, they receive confirmation emails from both programs, the lead owner receives lead alerts from each program, the lead is added to both lists and synced to both SFDC campaigns. This is the problem. The two need to be separate.
There is a smart campaign in both programs called “Filled Out Form | Add to Program” and each uses the trigger, “Data Value Changes” with the attribute for the hidden field and for 1 free trial, the new value “is empty” and for the other, new value is the value that it is auto populated with
In the flow of both “Filled Out Form” smart campaign we use the flow steps: 1. “Change Program Status” with the correct program and the new status “Website >WEB Filled Out a Form”  2.“Request Campaign” and the requested campaign is “EM Ext – Send  Confirmation Email”
In the “Send Confirmation Email” smart campaign, there is a trigger for “Campaign Requested” and the source is “Marketo Flow Action”.  This will trigger the flow action to send the confirmation email and add the new lead to the correct list.
In the “Assign Lead Owner” smart campaign, there is a trigger “Program Status is Changed” with Program is the correct program for each and new status is “Website >WEB Filled Out a Form”.  This will trigger the flow action to sync the lead to the correct SFDC campaign, assign to the correct lead owner and send a lead alert.

We also tried using the filter, "Web Source" and then putting the URL in but once this was added, no confirmation emails were sent out at all.

The form were created before I joined the project and the person who created them left. I can't seem to find the form in Marketo so would like to fix the problem with filters and and triggers in the smart campaigns