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    Marketo & Salesforce Expert, 15-25 hr/month

      We're looking for an on-going Marketo consultant to help us manage some of our campaign build out and template building. We don't have an in-house Marketo certified resource or a salesforce admin. 

      Approx 15-25 hours per month. Someone based in the US.

      Looking for someone well versed in Marketo and Salesforce who can help us with projects like:

      -getting sales insight rolled out to our sales team
      -mobile optimizing our Marketo email templates
      -getting our website free trial form built into marketo
      -building out upcoming marketing programs like webinars, gated assets, tradeshows, weekly newsletters, etc.
      -building programs in a templatized way so we can easily clone them
      -best practices for how to organize programs in marketo
      -building out custom landing pages for our digital ad campaigns
      -and more!

      We are not lead scoring today so these are pretty straightforward programs we're running.

      Please supply examples of past types of campaigns you've worked on and work references.