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    Practice Exam Question: Tracking known user activity across multiple domains

    Dan Stevens

      I took the certification practice exam the other day and would like the thoughts from the community around this specific question (and the correct answer):


      I actually created a test program to see what the outcome would be when linking to two third-party sites that didn't contain our Munchkin tracking code:

      • When clicking on a link in an email, it did track the URL of the third-party site I linked to (although I'm not able to be tracked across this domain).  It simply tracked the link URL I clicked on.
      • When submitting a form on a landing page and configuring the follow-up page to a third-party site, nowhere in my activity log does it show that I visited this third-party URL.
      Based on my findings, I question the correct answer here.  Even if Marketo properly captured the page I visited after filling out the form, I'm not able to be tracked across these other domains.  Can anyone from Marketo chime in here?