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    List Upload-Leads Question


      When I import members to a general list servicing one of my campaigns, it asks to select either Default (Fast Import) or Skip new leads and updates. I am looking for my list to be imported, but I don't want new leads to be created, because our campaigns are synched with salesforece and I don't want new leads to be created in the backend. When new leads are created, it pings our CEO/CMO and this list has 2,000+ contacts.

      I selected "Skip new leads and updates', but unfortunately 300 of contacts did not make it in upload. Should I either go back and select default (Will this create new leads in the backend due to any previous synching?) as my list import mode, or should I somehow funnel the missing contacts into the actual campaign itself?

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          Jeff Smith
          I'd probably create a smart list with filter of "Email Address is..." and insert the entire list of email addresses. You may have to break this up into two separate filters, since I believe each one only allows about 1800. Then, by clicking on the  Leads tab, you'll be able to see only those email addresses that are already in your Marketo instance. Export this, and use it to scrub against your original list. You'll end up with only names that are in your instance, and then you can select Default when you import it. I hope this makes sense. There may be a better way, but this is what comes to mind if you're concerned about newly imported records.