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Long Term Email Reporting Structure

Question asked by 6bfe5f7a988dd3e14a06e69fa40dd19ddb622176 on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Josh Hill

Our business is just starting to ramp up on engagement programs to existing contacts and we want to be able to track conversions that were generated by each email in the stream (most of which have two different versions for A/B tests).

Contacts can convert via two methods:
1.) Marketo form on a landing page
2.) Our businesses internal scheduling tool 

I am passing a campaign ID to track the contacts who submit via our internal scheduling tool, but I want to be able to see which email in the stream generated that conversion. For the people who convert on the form, I am passing url parameters through for utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_content. These url parameters are unique to each email in the stream and I have hidden fields set up to pull these values in so we can report on them.

My question is - as we continue to grow and build out other email programs and pass through those parameters we will override the exisiting values in the standard utm fields we use. What is the best way to pass values and still be able to report on the same fields across the business. Or do I need to create custom fields for every program we build so we aren't overriding values? For businesses that are multi product or cross sell, I imagine this is a frequent discussion. Any ideas?