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    Using Random Sample for Lead Assignment in a Trigger Campaign

      Does the Random Sample option only work with batch campaigns or can it reliably used with trigger campaigns? I guess my question all depends on exactly how the random sample is calculated. Is it within the records running through the campaign at that moment or across all leads?

      If we had a trigger for when a Lead is Created to use the Random Sample value and assign that lead to one of our Sales Reps, will it be able to perform a round robin assignment across multiple reps? Since a trigger campaign is only triggering on a single record, will the sample size for the random sample always be 1? Thus, even if we had rules that broke out assignment to 4 different reps where Random Sample is 25, it'll always pick the first person everytime?

      Would a better solution to be to schedule a batch of records to get assigned (perhaps daily) so the smart campaign is running a larger batch of records?

      I hope this question makes sense.