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    Demand Generation Coordinator


      We are looking for a Demand Generation Coordinator that has minimum 1 year Marketo and/or Salesforce.com experience. We are looking for someone who has experience in developing multi-step drip/nurture campaigns from beginning to end. Detailed job description is below

      If interested you may email me directly at nirav_shah@bio-rad.com. 

      Demand Generation Coordinator                                                                                                   Tracking Code L15-R-002
      The main objective of the Demand Generation team is to assist in generating demand for existing and new products by capturing customers and prospects via various complex revenue generating campaigns. The Demand Generation Project Coordinator is responsible for building complex demand and lead generation campaigns with a focus on developing first the summary, lead scoring, blueprint and the flow of a campaign, then developing reports to measure campaign ROI.
      • Communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders within NASD Marketing and Global Marketing teams to develop and launch complex revenue generating marketing campaigns using Marketo and Salesforce.com
      • Build Marketo program smart lists and flows; create testing scenarios and work with stakeholders to test and optimize campaigns prior to launch. Continuously improve programs as required. 
      • Develop campaign reports and lists within Salesforce.com and Marketo to help measure campaign ROI. Provide additional statistics using Microsoft Excel.
      • Create the campaign workflow using Microsoft Visio; highlighting each step of the campaign flow from beginning to end. 
      • Assist Demand Generation Manager and Product Managers in developing effective lead scoring criteria to help deliver the most qualified leads.
      • Convert leads into contacts, develop campaigns, reports and dashboards in Saleforce.com.
      • Collaborate with Demand Generation Manager and MarCom Manager to maintain the campaign calendar.
      • Help develop and implement campaign best practices.
      • Take meeting minutes during campaign meetings with stakeholders and manage meeting follow-ups.
      Required Skills
      • High Proficiency in CRM System (Salesforce.com) required. 
      • Experience in Marketing Automation (Marketo) highly recommended. Able to learn quickly.
      • Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel required and proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Visio (recommended).
      • Excellent Project Management skills. Able to meet deadlines while managing multiple projects simultaneously and independently, maintaining an attention to detail, adapting to changes at any given moment.
      • Strong analytical skills, able to manipulate data using Microsoft Excel.
      Required Experience
      • At least 1-2 years of experience in Salesforce.com required
      • At least 1-2 years of experience building B2B lead generation marketing campaigns using Marketing Automation (Marketo) preferred.
      • Advanced experience in Microsoft Excel preferred.
      • Experience in Project Management.
      • Bachelor Degree in Marketing or related field required.
      • Degree in Life Science or Science related field a plus. 

      Thank you.