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    Email blast vs. Email program

    Steph Anderson
      I have a very elementary question, what's the difference between an email blast and an email program?

      - When starting a new program we've been defaulting to PROGRAM TYPE: default, CHANNEL: email blast.  
      It seems some of the testing features aren't available when we do that though. 
      - Instead I'm guessing I should do PROGRAM TYPE: email, CHANNEL: email send. 

      Can any one point me to where I can understand the difference bewteen the different program types and channels? Thanks! 
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          Hi Steph!

          An email program (the one with the mailbox icon) is good if you are sending out one email at a time or if you wanted to use the A/B test feature.  This program is also good for reporting, and the results are much more visiable with the dashboard. The defaul email program (brown binder) is good if you are using triggers to send out emails (ie. if once someone opens this email, they will be sent this email, etc.).  Both are good and can be used universally (other than for A/B testing) it just depends on your preference. I personally like email programs because I like the visuals of the dashboard, and its easier to see if the email has been scheduled/sent by just looking at the icon of the program. 

          Hope that helps!
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            Bruce Jeffers
            @Steph A -- I believe you're referring to the Tags in the Admin area, correct? (This is where you can find those channel and program type tags)

            Here are a couple articles that may help explain those more:

            Since 'Email Send' is associated with the 'Email' channel, and 'Email Blast' is associated with the 'Default' channel, it does affect some of the program options that are available after you create it (as you've already noticed).  This channel type will also categorize the programs into different reporting groups.

            Hope that helps. :)

            And Kristen gave a couple of great use-case scenarios in her post above too
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