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    How to make one program run before another?

    Nate Oosterhouse
      Hello Everyone!

      Need some help with this one.  Having some web lead routing issues.

      We use Lead Auto-Assignment rules in Salesforce for new leads to our database (not pre-existing) who convert on web forms and are routed to the appropriate owner.  When a lead not new to our database (a pre-existing lead/contact with an owner) fills out a web form they are routed to their lead/contact owner.  

      We have a program in Marketo that we call "Marketo Owned Routing Rules".  This is a program that runs everytime a web form is filled out from one of these Marketo owned leads.  It runs them through the routing rules and routes to the appropriate owner because otherwise these people would be routed to Marketo which doesn't make sense.  We needed the owner to chance from Marketo to a sales rep upon a form fill out.

      We have a program in Marketo that we call "Filled out Form".  This program is triggered upon a form fill out.  In the Flow we Send an Alert to the lead owner notifying them of the "new" web lead.  This program runs before our "Marketo Owned Routing Rules" which means the alert is sent out before the owner is changed to someone else than Marketo.  This results in the alert being sent to no one.  Both the "Filled out Form" and "Marketo Owned Routing Rules" are triggered campaigns triggered by the same Fills out Form Trigger but the "Filled out Form" program runs first sending the alert out before the ownership changes.  

      Does anyone have any solutions to the situation above?
      Does anyone know how to make one program run before another?
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          There are a couple of ways you can handle this.
          1> In the smart campaign Flow where you send an Alert to the lead owner notifying them of the "new" web lead, just add a 'wait' flow step of say 5 minutes before the 'send alert' flow step.
          Thus that will give the 'Routing rule' smart campaign time to be executed 'before' the alert is sent.

          2> There are other ways to check 'member of smart campaign' etc or even having a field to set a 'flag' based mechanism. But the 1st approach is simple but effective.

          Hope this helps


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            Justin Norris
            Hey Nate, as I understand it, you still want the form alert to fire in all cases, you just want Marketo to have time to change owners first.

            They key to control in cases like these is to have a single trigger from the one event and then cascade your follow up actions in the order you want.

            So, when the form is filled out, the first step is to run them through the Marketo Owned routing rules. You can add conditionals on the flow steps so that if the lead is marketo owned, change owner, if not, do nothing (or whatever the logic is). Include a wait step if necessary to ensure the rules have time to run and sync over to SFDC.

            Then end with a Request Campaign flow step, and request the campaign that sends the alert, which would need to have "Campaign Is Requested" as a trigger. 

            This way it is impossible for the alert to send before the ownership program runs.

            Justin Norris | Perkuto