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    How do i add a lead source to a lead after it has been created

      Hi, i just discovered how to add a hidden field to a form for my Lead Source.  Yeah!  unfortunately, i already have about 70 people that have filled out the form.  is there a way for me to manually include the lead source for those people who signed up before i figured it out?  Thanks
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          David Mason
          Peri: See if this makes sense. 

          Create a Smart Campaign. Add filter "FILLED OUT FORM" to the Smart List. Identify form and/or page. 

          If you know the lead source, under Flow, select, CHANGE DATA VALUE. Attribute=Lead Source. New Value=xxxxxxxx.

          Under schedule, click RUN ONCE. 

          Once you've ran it, go back and replace the filter with a trigger (FILLS OUT FORM) to catch leads going forward. Also, delete the FLOW since your form will now be capturing Lead Source.  
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            Hi Peri,

            That's great that you can now use the hidden form field :). For the leads who already filled out the form you could put them through a smart campaign and do them all at once. 

            First create a new smart campaign, then in the smart list choose "filled out form" filter (not trigger). Depending on if you already know who needs a lead source you may have to specify the date of activity e.g before 24/03/2015. 
            In the flow section of the smart campaign you will need to choose the "change data value" action and select the attribute "Lead Source". Then set what you want them to be e.g lead source = web. View the qualified camapign members to make sure they are the correct ones. Go to the schedule and click run now.

            If all else fails create an excel file and upload the leads with the new lead source.

            I hope this helps!

            P.S Whilst I was writing this David got there before me! But yes I agree with him. Hopefully both our explanations make sense :)