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    Engagement Program Imports

      I am currently running engagement programs in our legacy Marketo instance but would like to import these programs into our new instance as to not lose the landing pages that were developed and sent out as part of that engagement programs. What are the recommended steps to do this?

      We are going to launch new nurture programs in the new instance, meaning the nurture programs I import over will just live there to house the landing pages but not be active. 

      Thank you for your help!

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          Josh Hill
          • ask support to connect your new and old instances. they will need the admin users and account strings.
          • then you can import the programs.
          • BUT the filters and such will need to be the same.
          • your templates may not work perfectly w/o work.
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            Thank you Josh, our instances are connected.  I have been working to migrate our programs over, the engagement programs are the last ones.  I plan to import these programs and then just disable to cadence and sends so that there are no active distribution of content as we are migrating leads into other engagement programs.  

            Will this work?  

            Sorry this question may be fundamental, just want to make sure I understand the impact. 

            Thank you!