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    parent & child campaigns in SFDC

      We have a mailing campaign coming up where for particular reasons, there will be 7 SFDC child campaigns.  However, all members of the child campaigns will be treated exactly the same.  From a previous thread, and from my looking around, it doesn't seem like any of the trigger and flow steps can be started from "parent campaign" vs. campaign.  Is this correct?  It would save me a great deal of repetitive work if "parent campaign" were an available option so I wanted to double check.
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          Bruce Jeffers
          As to the other thread you mentioned, I'm fairly certain there are no updates there. Marketo can only see campaign Member status, not identify the hierarchy between parent-child.

          Also, technically in SFDC, a member of a child campaign is not automatically a member of the parent campaign. They are counted in the total hierarchy, but they are not members of the actual parent campaign (meaning triggers on the parent campaign would likely not fire anyway)

          With a separate Marketo Flow or an SFDC workflow rule, you could add leads to the parent campaign as soon as they are added to any of the child ones, which could then make the parent campaign trigger work. But doing this might mess up your reporting if you do ROI or Lead totals with Campaigns.
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            Josh Hill
            The only reason to do this child campaign system is if you are tracking different sources. So you'd need to listen for the source and then select the correct SFDC Campaign in Marketo. The Parent campaign can also be accessed, but has nothing to do with the children from Marketo's perspective.

            +1 what bruce said.