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How can I see a full email report for both variants of an A/B test?

Question asked by 9dacce04b28e8daffffc2812509b0d136b62d875 on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by 8eeda9dc2fbd67c8ef7c8ec59581c65a89926326
If I run a 'whole email' or any other A/B test, is there a way to see a report that breaks out the full results of the A and the B cell instead of just showing a roll-up? I would like to get all of the available reporting parameters for each test cell, not just the ones included in the dashboard, which are not complete.

Is this possible, and if not, can it be a feature to add. I would like to have full reporting for each test cell in a campaign, not just the roll-up data.