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Nurture Transition Advice

Question asked by 4ef35a4c65312eb3ade60935af1b7efb4ed7e0f8 on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Josh Hill

I am launching my 12-touch nurture today and my transition rules follow -

There will be a 15 day wait step in between each asset send, but if a contact is engaged and clicks a link within any of the nurture emails, they will be move into a different stream with a 10 day wait step in between each asset send.

On stream #1, I have my cadence set to Every 3 weeks on Thu | 11:00 AM EDT .. which will launch today.

Should I set my stream #2, Every 2 weeks on Thu (3/26/15) | 11:00 AM EDT. I want to make sure if a prospect clicks a link (today) within one of the emails from stream #1, that they won't receive another email within stream 2 for another 2 weeks.