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    Different Num of Anonymous Leads between Marketo & Google Analytics

      Hi All,

      How large is the difference between numbers of the following in the same timeframe:

      1) Marketo: The number of Anonymous Leads
      2) Google Analytics: The number of Unique Visitors

      The thing is that the gap between these is more than 10,000 ! It is so odd....
      My understanding is that in Marketo the number of anonymous leads includes almost all leads
      whose profile has not been acquired, except the following leads:

           - Leads who have not visited any webpage where munchikin is embedded for 90 days
           - Leads who prevent cookies from being embedded

      Any insights are welcome


        • Re: Different Num of Anonymous Leads between Marketo & Google Analytics
          Josh Hill
          hmm. I'd speak with Support or check developers.marketo.com. The two cookies operate differently I imagine.

          Let's say in reality,you have 100,000 unique visits.

          GA sees 98,000 because 2% have javascript or cookies blocked.
          Marketo sees 90,000 because 2% have things blocked, and 5% are inactive, and 3% are known so they don't show up in Anonymous.

          So while those #s are totally made up, I could see that Anonymous has nothing to do with Visitors. If you did a smart list or report and looked for ALL visits in Marketo (Anony+Known) you should get closer to GA's #.