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Line break after asterisk in required field form label

Question asked by db65d97039dfcfe9646867c1a7dbbda50d2dc140 on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by db65d97039dfcfe9646867c1a7dbbda50d2dc140
This seems like it's a well-known issue, and I've found a couple of past discussions, but nothing seems to fix it...

A simple form, with 5 fields, each of which is required - email, name, etc.

In the form preview, the labels display as expected:

* First Name:
[field entry]

But when the form is embedded on a page, it displays with a line break after the asterisk:

First Name:
[field entry]

I've set the label width to 250 - should be plenty long enough - but it insists on the line break after the asterisk.

I tried adding some Custom CSS code to adjust the placement of the asterisk, but it actually added a second asterisk.

What am I missing?