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    Tying SFDC Lead activity to Contact in Marketo

      Our current process has us dropping a fresh lead into a queue upon a form fillout, even if it is an exisiting SFDC contact. In Marketo, there is now a Lead and Contact with the same email address.

      Upon the lead being moved from one queue to another, I want to be able to send the owner of the Contact an alert.

      Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?
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          Josh Hill
          you should split this out so that the system does:

          if SFDC COntact, assign a Task
          if SFDC Lead OR Marketo Lead, assign to a Queue and Email Queue owner.

          this means you will have to adjust your flow.
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            Thanks Josh.

            Here's some more (complex) detail:

            Someone fills out a form and they have to choose A or B.
            1. If they choose A and they are an existing SFDC Contact, we send an email alert to the account owner and push a lead to Queue 1 (managed by Admin 1 - leads are not converted).
            2. If they choose A and they are not an existing SFDC contact, they go to Queue 2 (managed by Admin 2 - leads are converted).
            3. If they choose B (regardless of SFDC type) they go to Queue 3 (managed by Admin 3 - leads are converted).
            Admin 3 will decide that some of the leads in Queue 3 actually belong in Queue 2. So they move them to Queue 2. However, some of the leads they are moving are also existing SFDC Contacts and should really be in Queue 1 (Admin 3 cannot move leads to Queue 1 because the account owner will never get the message).

            I can re-route these contacts via Marketo from Queue 2 to Queue 1, but I need to be able to email the account owner to alert them that one of their contacts has filled out a form, as we will not be converting the lead. We cannot assign a task to the contact prior to moving between queues because Admin 3 will change the account owner for any lead not moved back to Queue 2.

            Confusing enough? Right now Admin 2 is bogged down by leads being moved to her from Admin 3. Not a bad problem to have, admittedly, except that turnaround times by sales are lagging really bad.