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Issues with Form Visibility Rules

Question asked by Shayla Wentz on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by Shayla Wentz

I am having issues with my forms when dynamically toggling the visibility of my state field and am wondering if maybe i'm missing something.

I have the field set to only appear when United States or Canada is chosen in the Country field. If United States is chosen I have the visibility rules set to pop up with the field label set as "State" and have all of the states loaded for the user to select in a drop-down. I then added a choice in the visibility rules of the field for Canada and set the field label to appear as "Province" if Canada is chosen and loaded all of the provinces for the user to select in a drop-down.

I approved the form and dropped it on to a landing page, however only the rule for the Untied States is working properly. If a user selects Canada, an empty drop down for province appears or the drop-down with the US states appears

Am I doing somehting wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!