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Management Alert Escalation

Question asked by 3f64107528d12eb9b9b6ddff728ad863e8a5880f on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by 3f64107528d12eb9b9b6ddff728ad863e8a5880f
My team is interested in a process for escalating alerts to various levels of management based on the length of time that has transpired from non-activity on the Contact/Lead record in Salesforce.

I currently have alerts set up to the specific reps for their territories for the activities we've deemed require follow-up action.

What we would like is to send that alert to their manager if a specific amount of time has passed without the contact/lead having been followed up on.  And then, the alert would go to that managers manager after another length of time if the contact/lead still has not been followed up on.

Does anyone have experience with this/can point me to a knowledge article on how to set this up?

Thank you.