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    Email Campaign with List Upload

      I'd like to accomplish the following but am unsure of the best way to do so:

      - Send a single email at once to a list that I uploaded previously
      - All contacts in list are synced to campaign in SFDC 
      - Activity designated in SFDC on the lead/contact - ie. opened, clicked, sent

      Any insight into the best way to accomplish this would be great. 
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          Kim Allen
          Hi Amy,

          If you haven't already, I'd create a program for this effort. In the program view, you can create a new SFDC campaign so this will sync over. I

          f you do use an email program (depending on all of the efforts you're doing in this campaign) you will see the statuses transfered over to SFDC. But you'll need to make sure and set up smart campaigns for each status. Ex: Campaign "Opens" - the smart list would be TRIGGER Opens email (email name) and then the flow would be status change to Open. Ideally you'll want to set these up before sending the email.

          To send the email you'll just need to pull in the smart list - Member of list = (the list that you uploaded) and the flow would be to send the email.

          Hope this helps!