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How to track a Referrer person in order to send emails to if the Lead they Referred Purchases?

Question asked by Nate Oosterhouse on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by Nate Oosterhouse
Good Afternoon All!

We have set up a referral form as you see below:

We have created 4 fields which is what you see under the "Your information" form section above to display who the referrer was which means these are fields are populated on the referral leads record.  See example below:

The person who actually physically fills out the form is the referrer but Marketo says that the form was filled out by the referral lead.  This allows us to create that referral as a lead and sync to salesforce. 

Question: Since the referrer, the person who physically filled out the referral form, did not fill out the form according to Marketo how can we add them to a program or to a list as someone who referred a lead?

When a referral lead purchases we want to send an email to the referrer with a special coupon.

Can anyone help with this?  I am really stuck here.