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    Click activity

      Can a lead have a click activity with out open acitivity?
      I just checked the results of a email campiagn and there are some leads with clicked email activity and they are not shown under open email..
      Note: We have not used forward to friend functionailty.
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          Josh Hill

          Do not rely on Opens. Not every email viewer auto downloads images to mark the open.
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            Thanks Josh.  I appreciate it.

            So you mean to say that Marketo cannot track the open activity in some cases ( depending on the email client's  auto download image settings)
            Does that mean that if a lead has clicked activity, it automatically suggests email open although the lead may not show under open ?

            Also if a lead does not click on an email and just open an email, is there a possibilty that the lead open activity might not be tracked ?
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              Sanford Whiteman
              @Sarin N If a lead has Clicked Email activity, that means they've clicked a link in the email.  Therefore it always implies a human action akin to "opening" (or "reading"), even if they don't have images enabled.

              And yes, if a user merely opens an email, even if they read it thoroughly, without images you will not see the Open activity.
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                Thanks Sanford.. Got it !