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Segmentation Issue on Landing Page

Question asked by Adrian Watkins on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Josh Hill
I've tried to find more information on this but I just can't - hopefully someone can help! I set up a geographical segmentation so that we can replace time zones on our events with ones more relevant to each lead depending on their geographical location. It works fine in my emails but I can't get my landing page to pull anything but the default location. My smart list is Country = x for each zone. I've tested by changing my location to another location and though this works for my emails and clear shows my lead as a memeber of a segmentation it just won't pull that info through to my LP.

I've tried adjusting the Smart list to inferred country and have tested this via a service that loads the page from multiple countries yet it still only pulls the default not the country segmentation as it should!

If anyone can help and let me know what i'm missing i would really appreciate it.