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    custom landing page templates

      So I'm trying to create a simple landing page where people can essentially just edit text and pictures in the selected areas. Is there a guide that shows how to do this in Marketo? 

      I tried using the "mktEditable" class in sections I want people to edit, but when I try using the template nothing is clickable/editable. I also tried importing a template that Marketo provides but when I go to edit draft, the window doesen't really show me anything that I need. 

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          Josh Hill
          This is not how to build an LP template. Please see the instructions.
          1. Build code
          2. look at the custom code issues when you open up a new template
          3. design for visual cues so people know where to place things.
          4. set the template after testing.
          5. the marketer will place the content.
          see templates.marketo.com for how these are structured. mkteditable won't do anything here.
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            This might not be what you're looking for, but another idea that we've used sometimes is changing the content through tokens. You can use a token in the landing page template and change that token for each campaign you're using the template with. This will create dynamic content for the landing page for each campaign.

            This is useful if you have consistent areas of the page you want to change, but it can be frustrating if you want to edit other parts of the page because you will need to change the template itself, which will affect all your pages if you approve them.