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    Track SFDC Notes

    Jenn DiMaria
      I'm looking for a way to add more descriptive lead source information to incoming leads without adding another field.

      My "bright idea" was to have the lead owner add an SFDC Note entitled "Lead Source", which I could then track in Marketo; however, Marketo doesn't seem to keep track of these notes on a record.

      Any other suggestions?
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          Tara Montanez
          Hi Jenn -
          We use a "Lead Source Details" field which gives the campaign information name.
          The "Lead Source" is pulled from a list similiar to campaign type and Lead Source details is the name of the campaign itself.  Not sure if that's what you are looking for but helps to quickly run reporting on the SFDC side.
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            Tara Montanez
            If you don't want an additional field, you could also append this information to the existing Description field with a date stamp that gets added each time but then makes it difficult to report upon later.