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SFDC Campaign Name Token name in the Alert Message

Question asked by 22dfd104fd6955a7d9f2dc61a22956b06c544ae7 on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by 7c0530b8c4efdd5734ac0e37c02a18c0a98056cf

I want to add "SFDC Campaign Name token" to the email alert (webcast registration alert). I not very clear how to go about it, tried  {{}} & {{lead.SFDC Campaign}} which doesn't work.

This is what we has set up already. The Marketo Program is sycned to SFDC campaign through "Salesforce Campaign Sync". Within this program, there are 2 trigger campaigns which are

1st -  "Fill out form with web page" and flow Change Program Status (Marketo Program) to Registered
2nd - "Fill out form with web page" and Send Alert "Choice 1" unsubscribe is true then email "Unsubscribe Alert" Default Choice send "Webcast Registrations Alert"

Seems like 'Added to SFDC Campaign' trigger, the {{trigger.Name}} would suffic my requirement. How do I go about using this given the above scenrio. We can't use 2 triggers at one time. Please suggest